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    Never too loud
    sigpicTurkeys SUCK


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      Originally posted by quig View Post
      Never too loud
      I used to think that, then we got of V-Twin jap bikes. A lot of them sound like shit regardless of what pipes they put on them.

      I was at a gas station when this bike was pulling in and a guy standing at the next pump said "man, that Harley is loud". I replied, "dude, that ain't a Harley, bet on that". Then the guy on the bike pulled up and was riding a Honda 1800. Guy at the pump looked confused and asked me how I new that? I told him some things you just know....

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        Only too loud if they are louder than a jet turning up its engines for a launch off an aircraft carrier.

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          Originally posted by Goshawk View Post
          If a motorcyclist is pulled over for having loud pipes and found to be wearing ear plugs they should have to pay ten times the normal fine
          plus get a swift kick in the ass. The way these retards think is if their bike is so loud they can't take it somehow other people will think they are cool.
          No, what they see is an obnoxious dumb ass.
          I wear earplugs all the time. The reason being, you can go deaf from the wind passing your ears, over a period of time, or at least end up with ringing in the ear. I don't know anyone in my crew who wear earplugs for the exhaust, no matter how loud it is. Wearing earplugs is no reflection on the exhaust system.


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            I run stock exhaust, AND ear plugs. When I was young and stupid, I had open drag pipes, (yeah yeah I know, lose power, too loud, blah blah) and never wore any ear plugs then because of noise. But after the years of the wind, I have lost substantial hearing.

            My choice now to run stock is, I just dont want to further the BS of loud pipes save lives crap, or frustrate the majority so they build up a head of steam....take the pipes now, next would be who knows?

            I am a claims adjuster for auto/bike insurance, and I can tell you what saves lives, and its NOT loud pipes. I get ALL of the studies, stats and facts. (hint- learn to ride, expect every car to run you over, and DONT out run your headlights)


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              Originally posted by professir View Post
              (hint- learn to ride, expect every car to run you over, and DONT out run your headlights)
              much better than loud pipes, sometimes i wear ear plugs , sometimes i dont.. like my helmet..
              Ride free, my brother, my friend..
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