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Home made inner primary bearing puller

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  • Home made inner primary bearing puller

    When I pulled the inner primary primary, for the main shaft, on my 01, I just used a big socket. No luck on my 07, using 1 1/4. A impact might fit better, since it is thick.

    So I took a piece of uni strut, green metal channel with hold spaced out inside. Drilling a board and backing it with washers, would probably work too.

    1 1/4 socket went on the inside primary side, that I was pushing from. Stuck bolt through from here, also used a washer.

    On the outside I needed to raise the unistrut so the bearing had room to come out. So I put a coulple peaces of wood. I tried to use bolts coming out of the using strut, but that didn't line up. I think the wood spreads the pressure too.

    I oiled the bearing hole before hand, and let it run into it, from both sides.

    When making pullers, it is good to have lots of washer, cause sometimes heights are not right, are they get sucked in. A extra bolt is good too cause sometimes they bend. This was a 5 or 6" bolt

    If you have 2 1/2 socket, you might be able to put that on the pulling side instead of uni strut.
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    The bearing OD is 2" for the inner primary. Maybe 1 1/2 socket, 1 1/4 impact would be better then my plain 1 1/4. Some 2" washers would be good. But I would run around a bench grinder just a little. Don't want the scratching the sides or getting wedges in hole.

    Used socket and bolt to put the new bearing in too.