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Alarm Auto Enabling/Disabling

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  • Alarm Auto Enabling/Disabling

    Auto-arming causes the system to automatically arm itself (no key fob needed) within 30 seconds after the ignition key is turned OFF.
    During this period, the security lamp stays on solid to indicate auto-arming is starting up.
    The vehicle may be moved during these 30 seconds without triggering the alarm, however. any motion after that period will trigger the security alarm. Upon expiration of the auto arming period, the turn signals flash twice, the security lamp begins to flash and the siren (if installed) chirps twice.
    To set the auto arming selection, refer to table 11 below. The security system allows remote arming via the key fob at anytime. However, if the system is remotely disarmed (with the key fob) but the ignition key is not turned ON within 30 seconds, the system will rearm itself when auto arming is enabled.
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    Which system does this apply to, is it the older systems?
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