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    OK... range report through 1,000 rounds now on the Kimber.

    Yesterday son Aaron (aka Glock-Boy) and I got to the range, after one helluva week. There's no better way of relieving stress than hunting, cornering and destroying cardboard and paper!

    OK... this is the first time with the Kimber I've fed it virtually all reloads. Mostly my 230 gr. plated ball, but also some 200 gr. RNFP pleasant shooting range rounds. Even some of Glock-boys hollow-points. All flawless...

    OK... I'm not all that good of a shot. I cheerfully admit that the wastebasket got some of our targets. Here's some of the best-

    Looky what Glock-boy wanted to shoot all day... He put 80 rounds through it. Yup. We're both Southpaws.

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      Maybe the Glock-boy will wake up and see what a 1911 is all about.


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        Originally posted by Big D View Post
        Stairman? I get in a gunfight? I'd:

        1) Poop my pants,

        As long as you're the one who gets to go home for fresh pants that's all that maters.
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          Thought I'd say hi to all the peeps here and share my thoughts on the Kimber, among other things.

          I'm at an estimated 3,000 round count with this flawless (so far)1911. I cannot say enough good things about it. My only plans for it are some night sights. May talk this up soon and have some in-the-know family members hook me up for Christmas.

          I've shifted focus on my shooting. I'm very pleased with the target shooting and reloading hobby, but in the last year I've been shooting more with a thought for defensive purposes.

          One only has to turn on the news and look at the local paper to see that home invasions are up. And the goat-fucker zealots, who as a group seem to want to put to death all who do not follow their flavor.

          Up to a year ago, my home defense plan was based on this:

          S&W 686 .357 mag. A fine revolver. I shot this well in a range environment single action. But as I re-thought actual home protection strategies, two things came to mind:

          1) the defensive ammo it takes to push a .357 bullet with velocity to flatten creates a pretty big muzzle flash and kick. The flash could be blinding, and the muzzle flip makes this feller harder to re-acquire the target.

          2) This revolver (along with a couple others I had/have) I cannot shoot double action in a rapid fire with any kind of accuracy!

          I can with the Kimber. Here's my best as of last week. I rarely practice at these distances... average to some, but I'm proud of these. I'll take the 9 ring any day!

          This is now my carry, for the winter months anyway.

          I don't reload anything softer than my defensive carry now. Here's a recent target (failure) I did that is 21 rounds rapid fire at 5, 7, and 10 yards. The goal is to keep it in the 2 x 3 oval. I've never done it. But it's fun to try. Oh, there are quite a few targets in the landfill that are "less-than-stellar".

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            Well, my son, Glock-boy, has coveted my S&W 686 for ever. As I'm just not interested in shooting it that much anymore, we horse-traded.

            I'm actually struggling saying this... but I now own a 300 round-old Glock 22 chambered in .40 S&W. It's uglier than a mud fence, but is shoots pretty nice. I'm getting dies to reload .40, and looking forward to learning how to shoot this pig. So far I like it. My maiden voyage with it is below.

            For years now, I've been picking up .40 S&W brass by mistake when I collect my brass at the range. I've just set it aside, cleaned it when I had a batch to tumble, and now I have a pretty good starting basis in which to reload. I look at these as being about 7 cents apiece.

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              Well have fun with that ugly bitch Dave (lol)
              You can't have too many guns now can you.
              You can take that plastic thing out in the bad weather and spare that pretty 1911 from getting wet and dirty.
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