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  • Taking a ride.....

    I think I have my route laid out for the trip to Texas this spring. Leaving on April 25. Gonna ride from home to a brothers house in Michigan on day one.... spend the night and visit with them. We plan on hitting the slab to the Nashville area the next day, then we'll spend two days riding the Natchez trace. From there, we'll head to New Orleans for a couple of days - we want to see all the sights there. We'll leave on the Tuesday, and ride down to Galveston, then backroad it across to San Antonio - want to see the Alamo and the riverwalk. We plan to leave there early Friday, and ride across to Eagle Pass to see the Rio Grande, then back across to Ingram to meet up with some friends.
    Once we leave Ingram, we're thinking of heading up to Carlsbad to see the caverns, and Roswell for the aliens. From there, we'll head west to the Grand Canyon and up to the four corners monument. Then we'll be heading to Gallup and riding route 66 to Amarillo, then cut down to see Palo Duro Canyon before heading back towards Chicago. Hoping to catch up with some friends from the Chicago area for dinner before we point the front wheel towards home. I'm looking for any and all suggestions on what to look for on the trip - I have 3 weeks off, and I may extend it for a fourth week, just to take everything in. Any special roads I should take, or ones to avoid? Help a brother out!
    ride safe, stoney.


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    Sounds like a great trip. Ride safe and enjoy.
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      Nice,been 17 years ago this Summer but we did some of that on a Sturgis trip. Spent a night on Galveston and then rode to The Alamo before heading back West.
      When we did we went to Carlsbad and Roswell and then Lincoln where Billy The Kid shot his way out of jail. From there we rode up into AZ and the Petrified forest then to the Grand Canyon.
      Nice ride through the pine country on this route to AZ from NM.!3e0?hl=en
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        That's a fun itinerary. I may be a bit biased, but it seems you're skirting CO, big mistake. Have a great time!
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          I wish I'd checked in sooner. i wonder what time you'll hit the Ohio river Wed the 26th?
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